All Aboard The (not so) Polar Express!!!

So for the past couple months I have been fundraising for Kids Club Kampala’s annual Christmas Party. Thank you to everyone who donated their items and hard earned money to give these kids the Christmas of a lifetime! The Kids Club Staff and volunteers have been working hard for months now to make sure this event would be a success and every second of work was absolutely 100% worth it! I’m approaching my 6 month mark as a volunteer with Kids Club Kampala and am so proud to be a part of this wonderful organization! I’ve grown to love these children as if they were my own and they bring me so much joy it is often times hard for me to share my experiences because words simply can’t explain.

Our day started off early with blowing up balloons and decorating our venue. Looking out at all the chairs I started praying and thinking about each empty chair and the children that would soon fill them, and the love and joy that would fill that space. When the first busload of children arrived all of the excitement and anticipation for this day started to kick in and I was so happy it was finally here! My official job was to supervise face painting, which when I volunteered for this position in the meeting last week it seemed simple enough… but getting hundreds of children to stand in 5 different straight lines was one of the most exhausting things Ive ever done! But with a lot of patience and a little bit of help it can be done!


I had at least 5 children come up to me and say “how much?” and it absolutely broke my heart because it just goes to show how little these kids are treated to something special. But the expression of happiness and excitement on their faces when I responded “It’s free! Today is your special day and all you have to do is have fun!” made up for it! Even Sharon, another volunteer who was helping serve breakfast said she had children offer her as much as 1,000 shillings because they just couldn’t believe that all of this was for them! So AWESOME!!!

The face painters did an amazing job and gave away so many smiles!!!

IMG_4094 IMG_4187 IMG_4130 IMG_4183 IMG_4110 IMG_4152 IMG_4105 IMG_4098

xmas2 xmas3

For breakfast all the children got an Ugandan favorite, Chapati! which is like a flour tortilla and some juice! I was happy to eat chapati for breakfast as well as it is one of my personal favorites!

The children also performed a Christmas skit which was very dramatic and entertaining, I was completely thrilled to witness this bit of it….

Mary – “Joseph, I’M PREGNANT”

Joseph – “Mary you must not joke!!”

Mary – “Joseph, I am not joking! I AM NOT JOKING JOSEPH!!!


My apologies, I do not have better performance pictures, Patrick wasn’t there during that time so I only had my phone 😛


IMG_4091 IMG_4092

Due to some traffic and transportation issues my Katanga kids showed up quite late, not knowing they had arrived I went to the front to meet Patrick so he could come and take photos and I got bombarded! AUNTY AMANDA!!!! When I finally reached Patrick all he says is “Katanga?” “Yep! How’d you know??” Thankfully, they only missed out on some of the performances and still had plenty of time to have a blast!!

IMG_4116 IMG_4103 IMG_4119 IMG_4121 IMG_4122 IMG_4125 IMG_4127

One of the local TV stations, WBS was also there to cover the event! My interviewer was quite handsome! IMG_4113


If I thought getting a hundred kids in straight lines was hard I was not quite prepared to get 1000 of them in one spot for a group picture but we somehow pulled it off!

IMG_4137 IMG_4139 IMG_4145 IMG_4146

After the big group picture came lunch time! We had rice, beef and yummy cabbage!

IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4157 IMG_4162

After lunchtime the real fun began! Activity time! with the main event being the train ride!

IMG_4166 IMG_4169 IMG_4171 IMG_4172 IMG_4176 IMG_4181

Each group of children got to ride around the track twice and they had so much fun!!! Choo Choo!!!

After the train ride any of the children who knew how to swim and owned swimming costumes headed to the pool. I remember telling someone a while back I didn’t think we had much use for swimsuits but it turns out we do! You could rent one for about 75 cents but it would be nice for the ones that like to swim to have their own eventually!

IMG_4189 IMG_4192

For some of the kids the excitement was a little too much!

IMG_4093 IMG_4107

All in all it was an absolute wonderful day that wouldn’t have been possible without all of the donations and love received from around the world!

IMG_4101 IMG_4153 IMG_4178 IMG_4182 IMG_4196

Corrie and Olivia couldn’t make it this year but Sam and the rest of the staff and volunteers did a wonderful job of making sure everything was as perfect as it could be!

IMG_4133 IMG_4134

Thank you for loving us and giving us the Best.Christmas.EVER!!


As always special thanks to Patrick for the awesome pictures! Patrick’s Smugmug

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