Fuzzy Swazi Was a Bear (Hug)

Ah! So I have been way off schedule with blog posts but I made a promise to my dear friend Rebecca I would get this one out there this weekend! Life has been busy! I’m now working 32 hours a week and scrambling to find time to fit my workouts and blogging in! a month later life is starting to calm down therefore its time to write my happy place blog! This is the story of sneaking hugs in the happy little Kingdom of Swaziland!

One of the most important and sometimes embarrassing things I’ve learned in life is that not everyone is a hugger, I cannot fathom why because I love hugs! Living overseas I’ve also realized that some people aren’t huggers but kissers… I’m never sure what side of the cheek to go for first and how many times you’re supposed to do it and its accidentally almost ended up in a few near make out sessions! Greetings can cause a lot of anxiety!! Hugging is definitely the way to go.

 cheek kiss

In my first year of college I went on a first date with a guy and went in for a hug…. and got a high five…. true story… don’t worry it wasn’t Patrick! All of these situations have prompted me to ask before I go for it…. “Are you a hugger?” And although my days of first dates are over, I always waited for the guy to go for the first move after that!


I have been going back and forth to Swaziland for the last 3.5 years for quite a few reasons but its my group of friends and the 2 beautiful teenage girls my family has been sponsoring that keeps me coming back the most. I met Nomfundo and Sibo in 2012 right after they had been kicked out of school for not paying their school fees. (12 and 13 years old)


In January I had the chance to make a short trip back to Swaziland to get the girls enrolled in their second year of high school! We had a great time going out for belated birthday sundaes and shopping!

IMG_1070 IMG_1068 IMG_1067 IMG_1064 IMG_1063

I also visited with their family and am just so blessed I’ve gotten to watch this little family grow up!

Then and Now 2


I’ve never been turned down for a hug from these lovely ladies and I miss them so much!

I was welcomed back by Mr.Foss who so graciously let me have the privilege of staying at Bombaso’s for the night before I headed over to one of my other favorite places in Swaziland at Buhleni Farm Chalets. The Vincent family has always taken such great care of me and I am so blessed to have them in my life! Anyone ever traveling to Swaziland don’t leave without paying a visit to these beautiful chalets in Ezulwini Valley. I was so happy to spend time with one of my favorite people in the world Ms. Rebecca Lewis and her hilarious and beautiful daughter Sian who gave me a sneak peek into motherhood by following me into the bathroom stall and informing me that I was “taking a really long wee” and I should hurry up so she can have her time followed by:

“My Mom doesn’t have any money”

“Sian, honey, your Mom just paid for dinner she has money”

“Well she found money on the floor”

“No, Sian I don’t think so…”

“Fine, she found it in the toilet”

Oh the things kids say!

I do have one friend in Swaziland where we had to make a 2 hug agreement, 1 welcome and 1 farewell. Normally, I’m nice and follow the rules but this trip I was feeling a little cheeky and with the help of  Rebecca we sabotaged poor Kieren!




As always, even though it was a short trip it was so nice to be able to spend time with all my favorite buddies!!

IMG_1084 IMG_1083 IMG_1079 IMG_1078 IMG_1077 IMG_1076


Until Next time Swaziland!!