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R&R U Ready???

I’ve only been back “home” in Uganda for about a week now and have been facing many challenges readjusting from the conveniences and instant gratification of the good ole U.S. of A. When we first arrived in Kampala 7 months ago we were unsure of what to expect and there was a lot of excitement and anticipation involved… Going home and coming back for the first time was a lot harder than I imagined, but at the same time it was nice to return to Uganda and get back on a regular routine. R&R turned into being a Go&Go! Patrick made a joke we would need another R&R to recover from R&R!

I ended up leaving a few days earlier than Patrick because my family received a Christmas Miracle! It is my pleasure to introduce to the world, my new neice, Mckinley Anne Baughan!

Mckinley3 Mckinley1 Mckinley

 Mckinley Mckinley1 Mckinley3

So what makes our little Mckinley a Christmas miracle?? she was born December 16, 2014 at 2lbs 11oz, 3 Months early! The other bit of the miracle is that I wouldn’t have gotten to meet her until December 2015 at the earliest, I suppose she heard how awesome I was and just couldn’t wait that long 🙂

It has been so fun watching all of her first moments with her Mom and Dad and we are all so proud of her for being such a fighter! She even got a visit from STANta Claus on Christmas Day! (Stan is my Dad who stepped in at the last minute to come to the NICU to visit all the babies!)


Mckinley4 Mckinley8



Mckinley just had her 1 month old birthday last week and is up to over 4lbs 6oz! Way to go baby girl!!! You have such a big fan club! I can’t wait to see you again!!


Everyone kept asking me what my first American meal was going to be and as embarrassing as this may sound…. The Answer is…


Yes… its true I thought outside the bun and ordered my 5 layer burrito and Beef Chalupa Supreme with pride! Don’t hate… we all have our “thing” Just writing about it makes me want to open up my own Taco Bell Franchise in Africa! Or a Mexican restaurant and call it Chihuahua’s and have Gumbo be the mascot! Even if the food was bad no one could resist that face… What is everyone else’s weakness???


I spent the majority of my first 10 days back in Newport News with my family, and this year was special because it was the first time in I think 4 or 5 years what everyone could make it! So we had my parents, The Brewers, The Baughans and The Scovilles all under the same roof! I love Christmas with my family, with our Christmas Eve dinners at Outback, playing the steal game and this year we did a new stocking stuffer game where you pulled a name from a hat and were giving $25 and 10 minutes in Walgreens to pick out gifts to fill that persons stocking with. Wouldn’t you know it that Patrick picked my name and he nailed it! Dry Shampoo, a 6 pack of Walgreen’s Big Flats Beer (Not too bad for $3.33 lol) and….. an I SPY BIRD HOUSE!!! I’m not sure if anyone else has seen this infomercial for this thing but its a bird house you put on a window with a clear backing so you can spy on birds as they nest! WHAAAAAT???? How Awesome is that??? I haven’t gotten to try mine out yet but Melissa got one too! Have you put yours up???


Can we talk about how awesome Dry Shampoo is for a minute too?? First off, if you are white and living in Uganda you might as well forget about finding any good white people hair products. Even hairspray here is weird… Brand name shampoo and conditioner??? unless you want to pay $15 for a bottle of Pantene you’re out of luck. Dry Shampoo??? HA! non existent!!! All the curly haired girls will understand that when we take an hour to flatten that hair out, the last thing you want to do is wash it and start all over again….so I preceded to buy 8 cans of it while I was at home…

dry shampoo

Sorry Patrick…. Im stocked up for awhile now 🙂 LOL.




Also, Anyone who lives in Uganda or anyone who wants me to pick up your kids one of these awesome superhero capes made by some amazing women let me know! They customize them with different letters and they make them in girl colors too! My nephews loved them!!

super super2

New Year Eve was spent with our good friends the Riggins and New Years Day came with a lot of excitement because it was Winter Classic Day! For those of you who don’t know what the Winter Classic is its an NHL hockey game that takes place outdoors on New Years Day. Given we are huge Capitals fans and it was being held in DC this year it was pretty much a no brainer that we HAD to go! So we bundled up and headed to Nats Park (The baseball stadium) and cheered our Caps to 3-2 victory against the Chicago Blackhawks. WOOHOO!

10906358_10103671610650302_4213356521261179562_n 10898084_10101977163999447_2936444385006556341_n 10898072_10101977163076297_2609456190970441687_n 10891887_10101977163590267_6754060100283100093_n 10881690_10101977292521887_562274239281248713_n


10464197_10152442838225194_4450048773112033518_n 10416602_10101977163141167_8272399402989744846_n


One of my favorite things about being home was spending time with my girlfriends!

home7 Home6 home5 Home4 Home3 Home1 Home

And their babies!

10941721_10101173173043923_1520748692_n 10922520_10152647623760773_5153775714864467745_n 10271243_10152647468330773_8523886624491582615_o

And friends and family!

10885050_10152922880996544_8031873955124068210_n 10827945_821722197886835_3297882951929425935_o 10388093_821720551220333_81118726433089467_n

The only bad part about being back in America was all the FOOD! Patrick and I have made a pact to go balls to the wall and get  super fit now that we are back!

If that wasn’t enough excitement for you, after 3 weeks in the States we headed off to London! Our first night we spent with our friends Olivia and Huw and they showed us all around Camden which was a really neat area! Thanks for being our tour guides!!!


Saturday was Patrick’s big day! He got to go to his first ever Chelsea FC game against Newcastle! I’m not a huge soccer fan but its starting to grow on me, plus any sporting event is exciting when you get to go to the actual venue! It was fun going to the pub before the match and visiting the gift store! I got a cool new sweatshirt! Patrick got to wear all of his Chelsea gear he got for Christmas!! And we were lucky yet again to witness another Victory!


10393547_10102015678491097_1748243940692137198_n 10392586_10102015671046017_7593773453130153151_n 10392401_10102015671804497_8164768256165936389_n 10345802_10102015671904297_7861003100173012774_n

If you recall in one of my previous blogs I talked about how excited I was about this trip because I would finally get to see The Lion King! Lion King has always been one of my favorite Disney movies and still is to this day! I’ve basically wanted to see it on Broadway since it premiered…. 16 years ago! I had tickets to see it in DC but our date got moved up to move here so I had to sell my tickets and was then made the promise of getting to see it in London! Embarrassing moment #12133 I was so excited when the show started I may or may not have…. cried. Yes, Cried. Luckily, I had had a runny nose and a cold at the time so I don’t think anyone noticed!! But it was worth the wait and I hope to one day see it again!

10926455_10102017017367977_866905171423641334_n 10922881_10102016677863347_2660180434389830042_n


Sunday, I’m heading back to South Africa and Swaziland for a visit and am getting pretty excited! Only gone for a week this time. Tune in either tomorrow or 10 days from now(depending on how motivated and how packed I am!)  for my next post on the Belated Christmas gift bag giveaway!

Hakuna Matata Readers!