The Scarf that Saw the World

This is the story of a girl (that’s me!), her husband, a chihuahua named Gumbo who can hereon out be referred to as “The Tiniest Diplomat”, one ugly reindeer sweater and her traveling scarf.

The Girl.

Her name is Amanda with a passion for travel and people all around the world. To date I have traveled to 27 of our beloved 50 states and up until June 12th 2014 called the Nation’s Capital (Washington, D.C.) my home. I have also been to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Aruba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, The Netherlands, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Mozambique, Morocco,  lived in the small but charming Kingdom of Swaziland for a short while and now reside in Kampala, Uganda for the next 2 years.


The Husband.

His name is Patrick who also has a passion for travel (especially Africa). He is handsome and charming and has managed to land us here, in Uganda, in a cute little house with a beautiful view. He has traveled to more places than I, but it is my blog so if he wants to brag he can start his own 🙂

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The Tiniest Diplomat.

His name is Gumbo. (Yes, Gumbo.) He came to us from the Washington Animal Rescue League, and before that from a shelter in Louisiana (Patrick insisted he needed a southern name!) He’s not very handsome (rather weird looking to be honest, with a head too small for his body and he waddles a lot…) but very charming (at least if you are a woman, he is quite the ladies man!) He flew on a plane for over 24 hours to get here and was so good the flight attendants never even realized he was there! He is enjoying his new surroundings and has been having a blast exploring!


The Reindeer Sweater.

Best. Purchase. Ever. I have received a lot of mixed reviews, but just like the scarf, where I go, it goes. It is mentionable because I am sure it will make its way into many of the stories and pictures to come.


The Scarf.

It all began with 2 friends and one very rainy cold day in Australia who approached a random street kiosk, where they purchased 2 scarves to shelter them from the rain. Since then, that scarf has traveled to 14 countries. I make it match with everything, even when it doesn’t (I think at one point in time it was even paired with the reindeer sweater) It has danced with children, it has been to the Louvre, ridden on a camel through the Saharan Desert, watched Old Faithful erupt at Yellowstone National Park among many more amazing stories I have yet to tell…


 And so it begins… the story of a girl, her husband, the tiniest diplomat, one ugly sweater and her traveling scarf….


12 thoughts on “The Scarf that Saw the World”

  1. Excited to see your next two years play out through your blog! Have fun….miss you! Send me your address when you get a chance. 😀


  2. Goof! My first reply said I can’t wait to follow your adventure! But my name said Bari instead of Barbi


  3. Loved the blog. Look forward to reading updates. Please let me know what your mailing address is. Love to both of you.


  4. I love both the scarf and the reindeer sweater! Also love the girl, husband, and diplomat dog that goes with the package! Can’t wait to read about your adventures!


  5. Have never met the dog or the girl, but watched the husband grow up as one of a group of 4 boys who grew up together. One of the 4 being my youngest Chris. Actually it’s possible that may not be the truth, I could have met the girl when she was the hockey manager. Still sorry we had to miss the wedding, but will eagerly follow these blogs. What a great idea!


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The Story of a Girl, Her Husband, The Tiniest Diplomat, An Ugly Reindeer Sweater and Her Traveling Scarf

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